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This homepage will not be updated any more, because my female subordinate has got a job now.

It was my birthday and I turned 10! So I will show you a few more pictures than usually.
My first birthday present was a Day-Glo yellow ball.

My female subordinate asked: "Do you like it? It should smell of catnip."
"It doesn't smell at all."

"I want a cave!"

"The cave is ready."

"You were too slow. Now I'm in another cave."

"I'm sorry. Then you'll get your next birthday present. It's a donkey soft toy, which I will fill with dried catnip."

"Hello, I'm catnip-donkey."

"Hello catnip-donkey. You smell very interesting."

"Why do you escape?"
"I'm a bit frightened of you."

"There's no reason to be frightened. I just want to cuddle up to you."

"Please leave me alone for a moment."

"I decided to give the idea of cuddling a try."

"Okay, let's go!"

"What happened?"
"Sorry, it was too much for a little donkey like me. I need a break."

"Come on, it's just fun!"

"Where ..."

"... er ..."

"... that was too much for me now!"

Last but not least, this was my birthday cake.

"I want to eat it now!"
"You can have it now, but not on the table where the subordinates eat. This would not be adequate for a queen."
"That sounds plausible."


Of course, a bit of the cake was preserved for my vassal.

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