50 - Autumn 2015

The round cave is my new favourite place.

I was also examining the rope, ...

... but it is not that interesting to me.

I found out that you can also sit on top of the round cave.

And from the cat tree's higher places you can observe excellently what the humans are doing.

This time, my roommate and her boyfriend were playing Monopoly.

The only thing which is interesting to me about this game is the cat figure.

My roommate accused me of having gnawn at her boyfriend's folder.

"I am not able to believe that you reproach me for having done this. I have nothing to do with it."

In the last few days, I was wondering about all those new things that were continuously appearing in my roommate's room. For example, a second feeding bowl, ...

... another litter box ...

... and a new scratching mat.

Besides, I was angry because of the new cat net on the balcony, which keeps me from jumping onto the balustrade.
That was the moment when it finally dawned upon me that something was going wrong!

So I was asking my rommate: "What's all that about?"
"You will see."