05 - Autumn 2013

It gets colder and colder, so I have to roll myself up.

My roommate was asking me: "Filou, did you spread fluff on the bed?"

"I don't know, what you're talking about."

Now I will show you how to play with a mouse.

First of all, you have to smell whether the mouse is okay and there is nothing dangerous about it.

Then you have to throw it off the bed.

Next, you have to check whether the mouse landed on the floor.

In this case, it did. Then you have to wait until your roommate puts the mouse back on to the bed.

In some cases, you can examine the mouse and maybe find something interesting, like this ring here.

So you can pull the ring ...

... and then throw the mouse off the bed.

Of course, then you have to check again whether the mouse landed on the floor.

Yes, it did.

My roommate put the mouse on the bed again and called me for playing with it once more.

However, I have got better things to do now.