58 - Winter 2016

My vassal was jumping onto the table on the balcony ...

... to watch over my kingdoms' landed property.

Meanwhile, I was watching over my vassal to check whether she does a good job.

"Luna, what are you doing there?"

"I got stuck in the cat net."

"That's not fun!"

"Phew, that's over."

"That's it! I'm finished with watching over the kingdoms' landed property."

"Where are you going, Luna?"
"... er ..."

"I'm sorry, I've got to take a break."
"Break approved."

"Thank you."

I was sitting on the cat tree when my roommate was requesting an audience.

"Yes please."
"After you determined Luna as a vassal, you may adjudicate upon my boyfriend's and my rank in the royal hierarchy."

"That's a good idea. Let's think about that ... Of course, as you both are humans, you have to occupy a lower rank than Luna. Because cats are always better than humans.
You give me treats after brushing and always fill my feeding bowls. Your boyfriend always cleans my litter boxes. These are all important jobs, so you both should get the same rank. Besides, the term "my roommate's boyfriend" doesn't make sense anymore, because you both are my roommates now."

"Finally, I made my decicion: from now on I will call you "my female subordinate" and "my male subordinate"."
"I'd better not have asked."