47 - Summer 2015

My roommate bought a lot of new things for me recently. For example this new feeding bowl.

She also bought a new toy for me.

I occupied it soon.

The toy includes a movable mouse, with which I play from time to time.

The second toy is my favourite toy, because you can get treats out of it!

In order to do that, you have to pull the treats through the holes in the various levels ...


... until they are at the bottom and you can eat them.

Or you can cheat and get the treats out of the holes on the side!

Furthermore, I got a new bed, which Maru's roommate calls "macaron bed".

I tried it out, but I didn't like it.

Somehow, it turned out to be too small for me. I'm wondering how big Maru fits into it. Maybe he's got a larger one.

The last toy I got was another mouse-toy.

I like this one very much!