06 - Autumn 2013

I am very proud of my heap of clothes!

During their holidays, my roommate and her boyfriend visited an amphitheatre.
There lived a tomcat named "Fränkie".

There were also lizards living in the amphitheatre.

However, Fränkie loves lizards ...

... he loves them to bits!

As you can see in this video, Fränkie took all the lizards he caught to a specific place, where he started playing with them.

My roommate and her boyfriend are going on holiday, so they took me to my roommate's parents. Of course, I didn't like that and hid in the corner behind the table.

It turned out that there was a big fat orange tomcat in my room.

First I thought that Garfield was brought to life, but then I heard my roommate call him "Worsten". Strange name for a cat. However, she explained that "Worsten" comes from "Was denn?". This is a german question, which was often put to him, when he meowed loudly - mostly of course because he wanted to eat.

Did he see me?

Besides, there is another cat, which hides somewhere in the garden. This cat is called "Gieserich" and is a very good hunter. She even catched fish, bats and a mouse weasel.

Now my roommate gave me a bit of what she calls "Knudeln". It's something like potato dumplings with bacon. I don't like it.

However, Gieserich does.

I prefer to hide behind the curtain. I hope that my roommate and her boyfriend will have great holidays and that Worsten and Gieserich won't spite me. See you then!