42 - Spring 2015

I was enjoying the sunbeams in my roommate's boyfriend's room.

Suddenly, my roommate's boyfriend appeared and said: "Filou-Queen, you are so fluffy! Do we go to the living room?"
"You'll see."

I went with him to the living room and sat down on the sofa. Obviously he wanted to carress my belly fur.

This time, I liked it very much (which is not always the case).

Now, it's finally my birthday and I'll get my present!
I was asking my roommate: "What's that?"
"It's a hammock for cats."

"It reminds me of cat grass."
"No! That's not the hammock. That's only the gift ribbon."

"That's the hammock."
"Well, ..."

"... I cannot get in."

"Is that better?"
"Yes. Did you spray catnip on it?"
"Of course. It's your birthday!"

"I like it!"