48 - Summer 2015

The mouse-toy moves very quickly.

However, it is not too quick for me.

After having caught it, you've got to kill it.

I'm done with it.

This time, I played with my roommate's boyfriend. Unfortunately, the mouse lost its tail while we were playing.
My roommate's boyfriend said: "Filou-Queen, the mouse did not "lose" its tail! You ate it!"
"I don't know anything about this process."

Another strange process was taking place in the living room recently.

Of course, I had to examine all the new things lying on the floor.

Then a round cave was attracting my attention. Now I was sure: these things are designed for me!

So I explored the cave.

"I like it!"
However, my roommate said: "You're right, it's for you, but it's not yet all set up. Please go out, Filou-Queen."

When it was set up, it looked like this:

After having put up the new cat tree, my roommate was dismantling the old one.

I was very angry about that. Therefore, I decided to occupy the old cat tree.

But my roommate chased me away and continued to dismantle the cat tree.

Finally, it looked like this: