45 - Summer 2015

Because it's a rainy day, I'm sitting under the umbrella.

I was asking my roommate: "How did the stinking plant develop on the balcony?"

"It developed very good. It even started to bloom! I think it was a good idea to put it on the balcony."

"Filou-Queen?" (she was wondering why I was gone)

"I'm here. Why do you tell me all those irrelevant details about the stinking plant?"
"Well, you asked how ..."
"Stop talking to me! I have to supervise my kingdom now."

I got a picture puzzle for you.

Search the squirrel!

Did you find it? If not, it's not so bad. Because human's eyes are not as good as cat's eyes of course, I'll show you some close-ups of the squirrel.

Now I'm a bit tired of the quick squirrel.

Good night.