03 - Autumn 2013

Greetings to ceiling cat and basement cat from cat tree cat!

Give me the treat now!

My paws are always fluffy.

I don't know why this crown has to be placed on my cat tree. It is obvious, that I am the Filou-Queen!

I like to show my spruce paws ...

... and sometimes I like to be a fluffy ball.

My roommate was asking me: "Filou, did you wallow in filth?"
"No, I never do such things!"

I can bee a
Maru, too. ("Maru" means "circle".)

I hate this smell. Humans call it "deodorant", but I prefer another smell ...

... it's the wonderful smell of a heap of used clothes!

I assure, that nobody will attack this heap of clothes while I'm guarding it.

My roommate's boyfriend brought me a new toy, which smells like catnip.
It seems that somebody made a video while I was playing with it...