17 - Summer 2014

Difficult situation - there are treats, but on the other hand there is the usurper who wants to destroy the barrier ... um ...

... I choose the secure alternative.

"Hey Filou, where are you going?"

I'm hiding behind the door. So Findus can't see me, but I can see when Findus' door is closed and then eat the treats.

The door is closed. Everything seems to be okay.

That's delicious.

There he is again! The usurper who divided my kingdom!

It's good that the barrier is there.

I'm creeping up on him very slowly. However, he noticed me anyway.

Okay, he keeps calm. Very good.

What is he doing now?!?!?

He is attacking the barrier!

He stops for a moment.

I better get away now.

He starts another attack!

I have to hide under the bed! I can't believe that something like this is going on in my kingdom!