60 - Spring 2016

Now I will continue telling you about my vassal's activities. This time, I will especially focus on the different positions and places she uses. As you can see, we both like to sit on my male subordinate's bed.

Of course, Luna also likes to sit on my female subordinate's bed. This photo shows her dreaming about my expanding kingdom. By the way - why is it called "king"dom? It's ruled by a queen, after all, so it has to be called "queen"dom!

As already mentioned, my vassal can be a magnificent UFO. She learned that from me.

She can also be an excellent nest.

My vassal is very cute when she sits under the umbrella.

Er ...

... yes.

Sometimes, she likes to sit in a box ...

... or on one of our toys.

Very often, Luna sits on my male subordinate's shelf. Then she seizes the things, that lie around there.

Besides, my vassal likes to sit on two different footings.

She also sits on the cat tree, ...

... but her favourite place is on my subordinates.