59 - Spring 2016

I'm reflecting on my vassal's normal activities she regularly practises in my kingdom.

Since she started to feel at home in here, she is less often a basement cat. However, this is still sometimes necessary.

To keep the humans busy, my vassal spends a lot of time destroying things, ...

... making a mess on the furniture ...

... and causing chaos in general.

I am very glad about that, because otherwise the subordinates would be chronically underemployed.

Besides, my vassal likes to test different positions with her front paws ...


"By the way, I'm here, Filou-Queen!"
"What are you doing here?"

"Er ... nothing."

"As you can see, I'm just grooming myself a bit."
"I've got better things to look at."

"What are you hatching?!"

"I want to cuddle up to you."
"Cuddling up to the Filou-Queen? Forget it!"

"I'm sorry. Then I will go ..."

"... and sit here to watch you and to protect you from enemies."
"All right."