10 - Winter 2014

I am in mourning for Colonel Meow, who died at 29th January 2014. I always supported his fight against dogs!

My roommate was asking me: "Hey Filou Queen, I thought, you don't like yoghurt and any dairy products..."

"This does not count as a dairy product, because it is Nutella-yoghurt."

"And it is very delicious!"

It became cold and loud in our flat - I think there was a problem with the balcony door. That's why my roommate and me moved to my roommate's boyfriend for some days. First of all, I hid underneath the bed.

Then my roommate's boyfriend wiled me with a treat. Of course, I was moving so fast that the camera made a blurred photo.

I want more!

But first I have to go to the toilet ... Where is it? This is only a cardboard box with cat litter!
Okay, I use it.

After having explored the room several times, I found a nice place on an armchair.

Now I'm happy to be home again. Here is my beloved mouse and Worsten is far away.

Of course, I take the opportunity to play with my mouse.

And afterwards, I have to groom myself.