39 - Spring 2015

I was asking my roommate: "What's that?"
"It's a zeppelin. Humans can fly with it."

"It moves very fast. Probably too fast to catch it."

My roommate's boyfriend said: "Filou-Queen, I like it when you sit in my bed."

"And I like how untidy it always is in your bed. Your girlfriend's bed should look like this, too."

My roommate was asking: "Filou-Queen ..."

"... why is the turtle lying on its back?"

"I have nothing to do with that."

I was sitting on the balustrade ...

... and looking around.

I had to observe my kingdom.

Then my roommate came and said: "Filou-Queen, would you please not stare into the sun?"
"I'm not staring into the sun. I'm communicating with the great cat-goddess."

After my conversation with the great cat-goddess, I continued observing my kingdom and saw a cat which looked like Gieserich.

So I asked my roommate: "How are Gieserich and Worsten?"

"Gieserich still likes to go out and she is very happy that it gets warmer now."

"Worsten is still very fat. He weighs 8 kilograms which is more than twice as much as Gieserich weighs."