08 - Winter 2013

I have nothing to do with the plant.


I am very proud to be the Filou Queen!

If you don't know what to do, just ask yourself: 'What would Filou do?'

There is catnip on top of the cat tree. However, this is no problem for me, because I am a long cat!

This catnip belongs to me ... and I will defend it with my sharp claws!

I know you want it! That's why I spread myself out on the cat tree.

But what to do next?

Of course, I have to groom myself again.

I like to sit next to the warm heater.

However, it is never warm enough.

I like the smell of catnip. Can I have some?

This smells very good!

And after having bitten into the catnip toy it is very important to groom myself, so that my fur picks up the scent of catnip.