57 - Winter 2016

Now that it's 2016, Luna has been living here for 5 months and I have to make a decision:
Which rank is she supposed to occupy in the royal hierarchy?

Of course, it's clear that she will get a lower position than my own. I am the only queen in this kingdom.

Still, I have to admit that she can be an UFO nearly as well as I can.

And she is always around me.

She constantly watches over my kingdom.

And despite she is very close to me ...

... she always keeps the necessary distance to the queen.

Last but not least, I like her. And now I'm sure about her position in my kingdom.

"Luna, with this I appoint you as my personal vassal."

"It is a great honour for me. I promise you to be a loyal servant."

I'm glad that my kingdom has increased its personnel and that there are not only these two stupid humans anymore to defend it.

"Luna, your first task as a vassal is to examine the bed for enemies of the kingdom."

"Just as you wish, your majesty."