37 - Winter 2015

I'm hearing something unusual. I have to see what's going on there.

It's a carriage for the Filou-Queen! What a great honour!

However, my roommate disappointed me: "Sorry, it's not for you. It's for humans who are going to marry."
"A carriage for humans? That doesn't make any sense!"

What are you looking at?

Never seen an UFO which landed on a sofa?

My roommate was wondering: "It's always the same, isn't it? Filou-Queen sitting in the door so that nobody can close it ... Let's go to my boyfriend's room, Filou-Queen!"

"I've put a scarf on you, so that it's warm and cosy. Don't you like it?"
"No. I want to sit in the door."

"Well, you seem to get accustomed very fast to it, considering that you prefer to sit in the door."

My roommate said: "Filou-Queen, why are you so cute?"

However, she continued: "Wait a moment ... did you do something wrong?"
"Of course not."

"So can you explain what happend to your cat tree?"
"No ... I don't know how that happened!"

I like boxes ...


... and cosy duvets.

And even in winter I like to sit on the balustrade.