36 - Winter 2015

I was looking at a strange round thing with a colourful decoration.

My roommate told me that it's a carnival doughnut.

"What is carnival?"
"It's a festivity where humans wear fancy dress. Besides they make a lot of noise because they are drunken most of the time."
"That sounds awful! I hate noise."

"However, the doughnut smells good."

"Of course. It's filled with cocoa."

I was telling my roommate: "I want cat grass!"
"If you're so cute, I have to give you some."
*mumbling* ... I'm always cute ...

"Here we go ... didn't you want to eat?"

"Oh look! There are some tasty birds outside."

*mumbling again* ... stupid humans ... believe everything you tell them ...

My roommate was asking: "Filou-Queen, did you get the socks out of the drawer again? And - what is more important - where are you?""

I didn't answer. However, I had the feeling that she saw ...

... my tail showing under the blanket.

"It wasn't me."