02 - Summer 2013

I was asking my roommate: "I'm hungry! Where is my feeding bowl?"
"Sorry, you have to wait a little bit, it's in the dishwasher."

This summer was very hot, so I decided to be a flat Filou ...

I was asking my roommate: "Is this an insect on the bedsheet?"
"No, this is only a spot of nail polish."
"Fortunately, I don't need such foolish things..."

Who needs all the wireless new stuff - I like cables and I ensure that nobody will steal my cable!

I don't know how this thing got on top of my head.

But I know how it will get down!

Now it's at the right place.

My roommate tells me not to eat from the plant, because that wouldn't be good for me. So I'm leaving the plant and not doing anything with it. My roommate is right: plants are not good for cats.

Now I left the plant. I am far away from it, so you don't have to watch the plant any more.

Because I know, that I shouldn't eat from the plant, I'm now sitting on the other side of the balcony.

Of course, this has nothing to do with the "fence", my roommate placed there.