44 - Summer 2015

I am the Filou-Queen. Most of the time.

But I can also be an UFO. UFOs can land on the bed ...

... or under the bed. Landing under the bed is safer, because the probability to be exposed is lower.

If you want to camouflage yourself, you can also hide in a blanket.

Unfortunately, my roommate already knows this hiding place.

I saw an insect.

I was watching it for a long time, preparing my attack ...

... and then it turned out that I was not able to catch it. It was on the other side of the window.

I was scratching on the cat tree.

Then my roommate came and said: "Filou-Queen?"
"Why did you disturb me?"
"I've put two ice cubes in your water, because it's so hot."

"They make dangerous sounds."
"I'm sorry for that. But when they dissolved, you can drink cool water."
"Very nice. Do you still have more of those great ideas?" *ironic*

My roommate said: "Filou-Queen, you look like a rabbit again."

"And your fluffiness is cat-goddesslike!"

"Are you sure that none of your relatives is a rabbit?"