61 - Spring 2016

I was asking my female subordinate: "What's that?"
"It's the packaging of a big Easter egg."

Because it's new in my queendom, I have to examine it.

I think it's a good seat.

Oh no ...

... my vassal is coming.

"What are you doing here?"
"I'm sorry, ..."

"... but as a vassal it's my duty to examine new objects in your queendom. This is necessary to protect you from danger."
"I already inspected this object. It's safe. By the way, you smell a little bit. As a vassal it's also your duty to be a good representative of the queendom."

"All right, I groom myself."

It's very strenuous to lead a queendom, but finally I've got some peace and quiet now.

"I'm ready. Now I will guard your queendom."

"Do not guard this place. Don't you see that it's the internal door, which has to be guarded now?"

"You're absolutely right. It's obvious that I should guard the internal door."
"Of course, I'm right."

"Now the balcony door has to be guarded."

"Yes, Madame."