56 - Winter 2016

I will show you some pictures which were taken over the course of the last year.
As you can see, my roommate and her boyfriend did a puzzle and I helped them with it.

Standing in the middle of the pieces of the puzzle is very helpful for the humans. Thus, they can concentrate much better.

"I see, you've still got a long way to go. Be glad that you've got support of the Filou-Queen."

The puzzle develops slowly but surely.

It seems to show four leopards - three kids and an adult one.

From time to time I've got to get a close look at the puzzle ...

... and to stretch out my paws thereon.

But most of the time I sat on the sofa to look whether the humans were working correctly.

Because of my excellent guidance, the puzzle was slowly taking shape.

Finally - and after half a year of work - the puzzle looked like this: