11 - Winter 2014

I like to toddle on the bed (while leaving marks of course) and then to lay down on the pillow. Sleeping there is very comfortable.

I also like to sleep on the laundry basket.

I delight to sneak on the balcony and maybe catch some prey.

However, I feel that something's up. Something extraordinary will happen soon.

I disguise myself as a handbag. You will not find me, no matter how hard you try.
My roommate was asking: "Did I put 2 handbags over there?"
"But since when handbags are able to speak?"

I was asking my roommate: "What is this?"

She answered: "This is a present for my boyfriend's birthday."

"I want to get in it."

"It's not possible. Maybe I can get in it in another way..."

"However, I first have to eat something. And because it is dangerous to come out of hiding, I sneak to the feeding bowl."