34 - Winter 2014

This seems to be a Christmas present for me.

I'm trying to open it.

It didn't work. So I was asking my roommate: "Can you help me?"
"My boyfriend will help you."

"That looks interesting."

"I'm very curious about that!"

Grafik und andere Inhalte ausrichten mit Tabellen




"Filou-Queen, you seem to be more interested in the wrapping paper than in the actual present."

A few hours later ...
"Well, I'm interested in the actual present, too."

My roommate said: "Filou-Queen, you still seemed to be angry because of the throne, which wasn't built for you. I hope, this pygmy muff can mollify you a bit."

"We will see ... What's its name?"
"Its name is Valerie."
"Hello Valerie."
"Nice to meet you, Filou-Queen."

"However, the important question is: who among us is fluffier?"
"Of course you are fluffier, Filou-Queen!"