41 - Spring 2015

My rommate visited her parents and of course Worsten and Gieserich showed up, too.
Worsten was asking her: "Have you heard about the mouse-drama?"
"No. Tell me."
"The soil of the compost heap had to be turned over. Thereby papa-mouse was skewered with a pitchfork. Mama-mouse didn't want to go, but finally she was chased away. After a long break the reason for this strange behaviour was found: the two baby-mice. They were brought to a hiding place. However, ..."

"... they were not very save at this place. To be honest, ..."

"... they were eaten up by Gieserich."
"I don't know, what's the problem. They were very delicious."

This plant is getting stinkier the more it grows.

My roommate said: "Filou-Queen, you are the Sun-Queen!"

"What are you doing now? Are you eating fluff? That's not royal at all."
"Don't tell me what's royal!"

My roommate made hello-kitty-cookies. When I was examining them, she asked me: "Do you like Hello Kitty?"
"Yes. And every human being should like her, too. Not only the girls!"
"You're absolutely right."
"Is it for my birthday?"
"No, your birthay is next week."