54 - Winter 2015

"Hello, we are pork hedgehogs for cats. We are made of Sheba cat food combined with various treats.
We hope that nothing dreadful will happen to us on Christmas Eve."

Of course, they nurtured false hopes. As you can see, Luna's pork hedgehog had a quick death.

I preferred a different approach. First of all, I plucked out all the spines and ate them with relish.
Hedgehog: "Pleeease! Stop that! Why can't you kill me immediately, as Luna did it with my friend?"

"Because that would be less delicious. And now I'll eat your eyes."
"Noooo! Not my eyes!"

"Too late. I'm sorry."

"So I'll kill you now to put you out of your misery ... and to get the lusciousness in your middle."

"Wow, Luna ate twice as fast as I did. Where are you going now, Luna?"

"Please don't disturb me."

"That stinks horribly!"

"I want to get out of here!"

"I don't know what you mean. I'll continue eating my pork hedgehog."

"Are you serious? How can you eat when the toilet is stinking so terribly?"
"It's not that bad here."

"Okay, I'll try it again."

"Not possible."

I don't understand her.

Nonetheless, that's how our pork hedgehogs looked after a few hours (and after our roommate had cleaned the toilet).
The next morning the plates were empty.