09 - Winter 2013

What is that?

Worsten and Gieserich united underneath the Christmas tree???

"What are you doing, Gieserich? You know that Worsten doesn't like me! I thought, we were friends..."
"I'm sorry, but I have to get along with Worsten. We live together."

"Gieserich, why are you in my cat carrier?"
"I like your smell! Can't we still be friends?"
"I like you too, Gieserich. But I have to leave now. We go home."

I'm having a short holiday with my roommate at her parents' house. This time, I was exploring the living room.

Gieserich was also there and made some gymnastics.

Because it is Christmas time, she sat underneath the Christmas tree.

Then she saw me ...

... I was sitting underneath the bench.

After both of us hissed and growled at each other, Gieserich went back to the Christmas tree. So we came to the agreement, that we should ignore each other and both of us get their own area.
Then we got our Christmas dinner.

Of course, both of us ate up the roast beef within one minute!

That was very delicious!

The plant has been pruned. However, I could have done that better.