46 - Summer 2015

These sweat pants belong to me.

Now I will show you a few photos which were taken this summer.

As you can see, I am sometimes half a sun-cat and half a shade-cat.

And sometimes the half of the sun-cat is also partially shaded.

Some days of the summer were very hot.

To bear the scorching heat, I stretched my paws far away.

Sitting on the bed is not useful to make the heat more bearable, but somebody has to do it.

However, sitting on the balcony is very pleasant when it's too hot, ...

... especially when there is a fresh breeze.

By the way, UFOs can also land on the balcony.

Of course, UFOs which land in the darkness and have big pupils are much more frightening.

Sometimes, I was also lying in the hammock, which I got for my birthday.