14 - Spring 2014

There is a bird outside!

So I go outside ... but ... what ... what's that?!

What does this fly screen do there? I cannot go outside!

So I wait for help.

Help didn't come, so I decided to jump onto the windowsill and to groom myself.

Isn't this a wonderful flowering cherry in the garden? I wish I could climb this tree and catch the birds that alight there.

So I go outside, but of course I cannot reach the tree.

On top of that, this balcony is smaller than the old one! Who decided to settle for this tiny balcony?!

Meanwhile, I settled in the new flat and I'm very happy about having so much new space. As in the old flat, I also like to sit on the bed and sometimes I'm hiding under the blanket.

I also like to disguise myself as a bag.

While sitting on the bed ...

... I can watch the pigeons in the trees.

And soon I'm on the windowsill, sniffing on the doorknob ...

... and sticking my head out of the door.