31 - Autumn 2014

"Le Filou" again ...

... it should say "La Filou" instead of "Le Filou"!

First I stretch out one paw ...

... and then the other.

I am an UFO.

I got a new blue nest, which fits me perfectly.

"What's that odd thing on my back?"
My roommate answered: "It's a hair tie. It looks good on you."

"Everything looks good on me. Because I am the Filou-Queen."

My roommate was asking: "What are you looking at, flat Filou-Queen?"

"Did you destroy the fly screen?"

"I didn't do anything."
"That's what Findus always said."
"Don't remind me of the usurper. A queen's got to do what a queen's got to do."
"That's not an argument at all."

"I am proud to be the Filou-Queen."

I was asking my roommate: "Do you remember the first photo you saw of me?"
"Of course I do. You were very fluffy. However, your fur was a bit felted."
"It never was."